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We are advocates for internet freedom and privacy. We firmly believe in what we do: "Protect your privacy and ensure the security of your data by making VPN apps available."

Who are we?

In this policy, "we", "us" and "our" refer to the products you use, the services you provide, and the information you provide us as described in this policy. refers to the respective company responsible for handling For mobile apps, you can identify the company by looking at the company listed as the app's provider on the app's download page or by reviewing the terms of service. 

Do we collect information?

No. We strongly believe in a no-logs policy. We do not collect information about you and do not keep logs of your online activities. However, we do collect your email address only to respond to you in the event of a question, inquiry, or customer support.

Users do not need to register with the app. This means that we do not require any personal data from you to use our app.

By accessing or using our App, you are agreeing to comply with our terms and conditions set forth in this Privacy Policy. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THE POLICIES, PLEASE DO NOT USE THE APP OR SUBMIT PERSONAL INFORMATION.

This privacy policy applies to all domestic and international users of the app. The information we collect is:

  • Within the Services and Websites. 
  • In emails or other communications between you and the Services and Websites
  • Through mobile application when a user submits a support request.
  • When you interact with our advertisements and our Services on third-party websites and services if those services or advertisements contain a link to this Privacy Policy.

Please note that we (the VPN company) are not responsible for communications with third-party advertisers. We are also not responsible for any kind of damage and harm that may be caused by th third-party advertisements or clicking any link on the website.

Ads may appear in the free version. Clicking on these ads does not store any of your information, but we are not responsible for third-party advertisers. The websites or advertisements you visit may log personally identifiable information.

We do not track user activity outside of our services or the browsing activity of users logged into a session of our app. We do not share your IP address.